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Addiction is addiction

June 23, 2013

I have been off the Arimidex for over 4 weeks to see if the terrible pain in m joints is being caused by the drug or by arthritis or just plain old age. Truth be told, it is all of the above. There is a slight improvement, I think. What I really need to do is stay off sugar and white flour or flour all together and see how I do then. But I can’t seem to do that for more than a day! I haven’t called the medical oncologist yet because I want to rule out everything first. If I could stay away from sugar and wheat and know for a fact that they are not contributing to the pain, then I would call him asap. I once was off them for a few months and felt better I seem to remember.

What really bothers me is that all the literature says sugar is very bad for cancer so why am I anywhere near it? I have always said I am so thankful that the white substance I am addicted to is sugar, not heroin, but maybe it is just as bad since sugar could be killing me.

Addiction is addiction, isn’t it?

  1. Ruth Ann permalink

    I am really sorry to hear that you have had so much pain. I hope that you can identify the culprit(s) and get good relief – and soon.
    Ruth Raymon

  2. Lisa Strafford permalink

    Sugar ALWAYS brings me EXTREME pain. I say the same thing “Why am I eating sugar again?” It is so prevalent in our culture, in every food! I now substitute raw honey for it in my coffee, and add a tiny bit to olive oil and lemonjuice for salad dressing. I will pray for your pain and an answer.

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