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Root Canal, 5 Stitches and the Root of My Anxiety. OH NO!!

October 8, 2013

The lazy, hazy days of a laid-back summer filled with family, friends and LBI vacation days faded into the calendar-filled September days of Jewish holiday entertaining, art projects and art shows. The end of September I find I am suffering with a very sore mouth and end up needing root canal. No pain during the process, but major pain after. i was warned and the doctor did give me pain pills which I did use. I felt like Dr. House, using the Oxycontin regularly. No pain anywhere!! I was very anxious that the process was not correct and called him several times. they would not see me. told me to wait a week and it would all be fine. Sure enough, after a week all the pain cleared up and it was fine.

A week later, while taking things out to the sukkah, a knife slips and I cut my finger so badly, I have to go to the emergency room at Bryn Mawr Hospital for 5 stitches. (Now when I am looking at the healing process, I think I could have had more stitches so it would heal better!) Over the last few weeks, I have been freaking out about the finger, worrying that it isn’t healing correctly. I even went back to the hand doctor for him to check it. Dr. Jack Abboudi at Rothman Institute is the best!

As I was leaving, I realized that my anxiety was all misplaced to the root canal and to my finger. On October 14 I have my follow up mammogram and I am scared about that. The underlying anxiety is coloring all medical events. Most women are nervous and I have always been anxious about going to for a mammogram. In April when I went or the fist mammogram since my cancer was discovered, I was anxious. That was the new baseline and now this will be the first one since to be sure that there are no changes.I am expecting a clean bill of health.

I hope all of you are getting an annual mammogram. It caught my cancer early.

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  1. Naomi Brownstein permalink

    Good luck with the Mammo, Linda!

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