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A Recent Phone Call

February 3, 2014

Last week I got a call from a friend of a friend whose diagnosis was the same as mine- stage one lobular breast cancer. Her options, however, were so different from those offered to me! It seems that now research has shown that if you are estrogen positive (as I am) and as she is, you can take Tamoxifen or Arimidex and skip radiation and get the same outcome. And she told me, even if you do radiation, it is for 3 weeks, not 6 at her hospital in Washington, DC.

Medical research changes things so quickly! Her doctor tends to be more traditional but she is looking into everything and then she will decide on her course of action.

That’s what we do. We get the best care at the moment and hope for the best. My course of action was surgery- lumpectomy, 6 weeks of radiation and now Tamoxifen because I could not tolerate Arimidex.

I made the appointment for my next mammogram in April. I go to Jefferson- Honickman Breast Imaging Center where I have been going for years. I trust their radiologists, especially Dr. Tara Rosenberg who found the cancer in the first place. Now, I hope she finds nothing!!

  1. You are such a brave pioneer in speaking about your experiences with cancer. We have our fingers crossed for you XXOO MARY

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  2. ruth raymon permalink

    what a shame if you didn’t really need to go through the radiation . the main thing, though is thank G-d you are now well. stay well !! hope that you’ll be getting a perfect report in April.

  3. permalink

    Medical science is amazing! Thank G-d you’ve done well. May you continue to do so! It is gratifying to hear of progress very frequently. I enjoy your postings.They are informative and encouraging and upbeat: it makes me happy that you share! Love ya! Tybie

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